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CD/DVD read-only rule

Hi all,

I have browsed the DLP 9.1 docs but could not find an answer for that.

I am trying to setup a rule to make CD/DVD RW drive read-only, so users cannot add data and burn a CD/DVD.

I have so far done the following:

1) Created Removable Storage Device Definition

     CD/DVD drives

     File system: CDFS + UDFS

2) Created a Device Rule

     Notify User


3) Deployed to a single user

I am still able to burn data to a CD-R using WindowsXP built-in software and imgburn.

What am I missing?

Comments/suggestions are much appreciated

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Level 7

Re: CD/DVD read-only rule

That is OK. I done like yours.

Now users can read but can't write data to CD/DVD.

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Level 13

Re: CD/DVD read-only rule

Use only one condition for your RSD definition: CD/DVD drives. Remove the other one based on File System.

Ensure that the rule applied to this user shows up in ePO under System Tree -> <Test Computer> -> System Properties -> Products -> Data Loss Prevention

Confirm that the machine was rebooted after the Agent was installed, etc. Basic troubleshooting.

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