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Blocking of tagged emails/files


I had created an application based tagging rules for email client applications eg' ms outlook & a email protection rule to block on all email destination. I did a test by sending out a mail, the rule was working fine as it blocks the respective mail. When I recieve an email, I attempted to save it as a .MSG format. I could see that the file was tagged(This part is fine as I had enabled manual tagging).  However, when I attach the saved email .MSG and send out the mail. The tag on the saved email was gone and the blocking failed. From my understanding, the tag of the saved email should not be lost. I would like to know if this is a limitation of HDLP.

Another rule "removable storage protection rule" was also affected. Application based tagging rules(defined to block "notepad") were used, I tried copying tagged file to a thumbdrive. The blocking of the tagged file took place only a few seconds later. Subsequent test on various machines were conducted and there results were the same.


-the version that i'm using is HDLP9.2 w/ patch 1, it's recently upgraded from version 9.1

-file tracking is enabled

-under user assignement/respective machine, the rules/policies are in placed.

-tested all other rules eg' network protection, everthing is in order except for the above mentioned.

-EPo agent version has been upgraded to 4.6.

Any ideas?



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