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Blocking attachment to internet domain with DLP

Hello Peeps,

I got HLPD working in the lab, not without some issue though.

I would like to know is it possible to stop files from been attached to email domain that i access via the internet like hotmail, yahoo with HDLP

Babatola Oresajo


ePO 4.6

HDLP 9.1patch1

HyperV 2008 R2

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Re: Blocking attachment to internet domain with DLP

I think you are wanting to use the web post protection rule.

You can define criteria for your files to be blocked when sent over the web in Internet Explorer.

For other browsers, use the network communication protection rule.

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Re: Blocking attachment to internet domain with DLP


For internet explorer use web protection rules

1) create web defination'

2) during web protection rule uncheck and select other domains and select which files you need to restrict as an attachment.

you can replace with any site you want to allow sending attachments. In above rule all emails domains are blocked to send attachment via internet explorer.

For Other browsers use network protection rules.


Re: Blocking attachment to internet domain with DLP

Thanks Guys....

I would try this out and give a feedback before the week runs out!!!

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