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Blocking CD Read/Write group


Looking to block CD/DVD drive access to all users except in the below scenario:

Users in Group CD writers have access to read/write CD/DVDS - This group i can get to work

Users in Group CD readers are able to read CD's however writing is blocked - this group i cant get to work.

Any suggestions?


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Level 12

Re: Blocking CD Read/Write group

Please refer to the following article for your answer:

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Level 7

Re: Blocking CD Read/Write group


You should create 2 user assignment groups:

     - group 1: all users with CD writers and CD readers exluded

     - group 2: CD readers

And you should have 2 rules:

     - rule 1: block CD/DVD devices -> apply it to group 1

     - rule 2: read-only CD/DVD devices -> apply it to group 2

Monitor/notify user is optional in both rules but good to have.

Hope this helps.

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