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Block Email and Outlook Attachment

Hi evrey one, I want to make the following using McAfee HDLP 9.1:

     - I want to block the attachment via email when the user is using the Internet explorer or the outlook.

     - What I did I define an email destenation rule to block the attachmnet for outlook and web destenation rule for hotmail but it does not work.

Anyone can help please.

Thank you.

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Re: Block Email and Outlook Attachment

Anyone wants to help me?????????

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Re: Block Email and Outlook Attachment


Did you assigned the policy to the Assigment Groups? without this step the policy its not applied.

Also its recommended to use Email destinations and do some tests before general deployment.

In both cases ill recommend you to apply the policies to a test group and then deploy to enterprise.


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Re: Block Email and Outlook Attachment

Please confirm file tracking is enabled in the agent configuration.  DLP policy manager - agent configuration - edit global agent configuration - file tracking.  9.1-, click the check box, 9.2+ click the top radio button to enable full file tracking.

Content based tracking will not work without file tracking enabled.

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