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Block All PnP

Is it possible to create a rule to block all Plug and Play devices without effecting USB mice, keyboards, printers and card readers.


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Re: Block All PnP

Yes. This is how I would do this:

- First create the PNP rule in monitoring mode.

- Plug all your stuff in the PC to create events

- Collect the data from the events and use it to create exceptions to the rule

- Switch the rule in blocking mode

Make sure you don't block the usb controller

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Re: Block All PnP


By monitor mode you mean set the reactions to monitor only and when happy change from monitor to block?

Just to confirm, do i create a new rule, include the PnP Device Definition, which includes all Device Classes besides Network Adapters and USB AND Exclude anything else in the PCI Vendor ID/Device ID?

Would this include Internal SD Card Readers?

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