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Black Screen after uninstalling DLP 9.3


Hi All,

I'm having an odd problem when trying to uninstall DLP 9.3.

When I push an uninstall task from the ePO Console to the server (Windows 2012 R2), it seems to run the uninstall task OK and remove the product. But when the server reboots it stops at a black screen showing just the Login Server IP Address, the I/O Server IP address, Write Cache [disabled] and the Client computer name. It stops there.

The installation of DLP on the ePO console is broken and not usable, part of the reason I want to remove it from the servers. So I can't get a response code to use Add/Remove programs to uninstall it.

I did find an "alternate" method to uninstall it from the server itself. Again, which seems to work OK, until the server reboots. Then it stops at the same place.

Anyone got any idea?

FYI: The server has some sort of Citrix installation on it as well. Its a "gold disk" image for some other servers. That may or may not have a bearing on the issue.

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