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Backup evidence in DLP 9.3

Hi everyone,

Who know how to backup evidence in mcafee DLP 9.3 and restore it

I look forward to your responses.


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Re: Backup evidence in DLP 9.3

Re: Backup evidence in DLP 9.3



Re: Backup evidence in DLP 9.3

I never did a incidents backup.  But i think which this will help you.

Export monitor events

The McAfee DLP Monitor export feature produces an Excel file that you can use for further analysis or

auditing, or as part of an external report.


1 From the McAfee DLP Monitor File menu, select Export.

2 Select Export Events to Excel to export the complete event list, or Export Selected Event to Excel to export a

specific event from the list.

3 Type a file name and click Save.

This can help you?


Re: Backup evidence in DLP 9.3


I think I did not explain properly, I need to know how to properly back up the folder where the evidence is stored

Thanks for response

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