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All traffic blocked with network protection rule


i have this issue when apply network protection rule: after the rule block a tagged file, all the following traffic is blocked. Before the transmission of tagged file all works!!! To unblock traffic i must restart the application client, in this case a ftp client.


1)before i can do anything in server ftp

2)i move the tagged file and it is block

3)after i can't connect to server (i'm blocked by the dlp agent).

4)restart the ftp client and all works again

5)go back to 2)...

I think it's something like connection append... or somethig similar.

Any suggestion????


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Re: All traffic blocked with network protection rule

You are seeig expected behavior.

Once a channel is compromised, it is considered to remain in that state until you reinitialize the channel (read restart the application).

If you would like to see a different result, please raise a FMR.

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