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Agent Configuration - Advanced Tab

Can anyone please point me to the documentation that explains what the Agent Configuration Advanced Configuration tab settings mean?

In there, there is settings such as:

Maximum email recipients to report

relaxed login interval

DLP data accesss protection (Do i need this selected?!)

See screen shot.

I just want to know what all these are and I cannot find anything in the user guide.



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Level 15

Re: Agent Configuration - Advanced Tab

I think, you have opened the case with support and I am in the process on answering it.

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Re: Agent Configuration - Advanced Tab

so what's the answeR?

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Level 10

Re: Agent Configuration - Advanced Tab

This is the answer provided by McAfee Support:

Below are the answers of the tabs.

All these configurations will be set on the client machines.

1. Maximum email recipients to report: DLP will check, how many email recipients are you using in the DLP rules and will take action accordingly. If the number of users exceeds then DLP policy will not work.

2. Relaxed login interval: When you boot the machine, for the specified interval of time agent  starts running after user login.

3. DLP Access protection: This will not allow you to modify the DLP process (like you can't stop DLP services from services windows, can't kill DLP processes etc).

4.Removable storage protection: If this is disabled, removable storage rule will not work.

5. Activate agent self protection in safe mode: If this is enabled then it will not even let to modify the DLP stuffs (like you can't stop DLP services from services windows, can't kill DLP processes etc) in safe mode.

6. Agent watch dog and Agent service watch dog.

To maintain normal operation of the Host DLP Agent, even in the event of malicious interference, McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention runs a protective service called the Agent Service WatchDog (ASWD). This service monitors the Host DLP Agent, and restarts it if it stops running for any reason. ASWD is enabled by default. If you want to verify that ASWD is running.

7. Tuning tool. Will be used if you are using Tuning tool. By default, this will be disabled.

8. Ignore unknown process: if this is enabled. It will not scan any unknown files apart from Enterprise application defintion in DLP.

9.Maximum agent memory ued: This will restrict the memory usaged by DLP processes on the client machine.

10. Show challenge-response on upgrade and show challenge-response on uninstall.

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