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update 16.01 LiveSafe has ModuleCoreService.exe running high CPU

Can't figure out why this process is using a full core/HT CPU on my machine (12%)

To experiment I turned off all scheduled and real time protection and still runs high.

I restarted the computer (Windows 10) and this process started again after a few minutes.

I wish McAfee maintained a decent user interface where you can tell what LiveSafe is doing on

my computer - instead they are rushing like google into dumbification of the user interface

into huge buttons and spaced out controls.... sad....

what's up with ModuleCoreServce.exe ?

also here Performance Monitor shows that it's constantly writing something into a file:

That file however shows 0 bytes, but there are some 16MB Bak versions of it from my PC restarts I suppose:

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Re: update 16.01 LiveSafe has ModuleCoreService.exe running high CPU


It looks like the service is logging information to disk. You could try a Re-install after running the removal tool and see if it helps. Am sure this will upgrade you to a later version than 16.0.1

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