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why do I have to do all this when all I want to do is ask a question of Mc Fee?

I have a notice appearing on my screen that says my computer is not protected and I should sign up, paying more money.

when I go to Mc Fee on my computer it says that I am fully protected.

This has happened a few time and it is getting to me.

Why does a paid up customer have to deal with this?????

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Re: ?

Hi jssfb,

Which McAfee product do you have?

Best regards,

Jose Maria

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Re: ?

I moved this provisionally to Consumer > General Discussion.  That ask a question section is a bit misleading and involved I agree.  McAfee just switched to this new board software and it's proving to have a lot of problems  which hopefully will be sorted out soon.

You can always navigate to what you think is the right section and start a new discussion from the right-side menu.

Back to your problem, what is the pop-up from, do you know?   If it's Windows just saying something stopped working and then the software says everything is OK, then you can disregard it.

If it's something suggesting you install more McAfee software then you may have inadvertently installed Security Scan Plus which is a marketing tool.  It's easily uninstalled via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

It comes as a option with Adobe products and some others and you must always keep your eyes open for optional extras when installing or updating that software.

If it's adware then see the last link below for suggestions.

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Consumer Technical Support (alter Country @ top right as needed)

Consumer Customer Service (Accounts, Billing, Registration, etc.)

How To Uninstall/Reinstall McAfee Consumer Products EXCEPT Anti-Theft
How To Submit A False Detection To McAfee
Beta Test McAfee Products For PC & MAC
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Re: ?

jssfb wrote:

why do I have to do all this when all I want to do is ask a question of Mc Fee?


Why does a paid up customer have to deal with this?????

You don't have to do anything to ask a question of ?McFee? - Just call support. This is NOT MCAFEE SUPPORT, this is the user community.

Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee

I expect the problem you are seeing might be something pretending to be McAfee software. Post a screen shot next time it happens.

And remember, this forum is NOT MCAFEE SUPPORT! It's a place for users of McAfee software to share information and help each other.