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unabbility to log in with password

Hi there everybody, whilst helping my father with installing his new McAfee Total protection, we came through to the point of activation, then the major troubles started to immerse The password my father used to activate his first pc with wasn't accepted to activate his laptop. So we tried to reset his password and created a new one. yet again we could still fill in the product key without any trouble at all. But then we came onto the dreaded screen where you need to fill in your email adress and your password. ERROR, apparently the given email adress which does in fact recieve mail from McAfee including the password reset link, or the newly generated password is suddenly invalid.This is exactly thr reason why I stopped using windows years ago.. Linux is just so much more stable

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Re: unabbility to log in with password

I removed a certain four-letter word beginning with 'f' from the middle of your user name to comply with the board's Terms of Service.

You must contact Customer Service regarding anything to do with accounts because we have no access to that here on this board.

They are available by phone or online chat through Useful Links at the top of this page.


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Re: unabbility to log in with password


Are you able to login in  with the new password ?

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