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Level 7 SiteAdvisor warnings

I'm purposely on This Thread..and  was glad to see (your comment) regarding enigma in Blacklist versus (still being presented as Green etc.).

My local Newspaper, Tulsa is  (Google) loaded with EVERY catagory, yet is impossible to navigate without various McAfee Warnings.

What's going on? (This morning..even Microsoft-for the 1st time-presented a TrojanWarningRemovalScreen)

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Level 18

Re: SiteAdvisor warnings

New topic/new website : new thread.

SiteAdvisor is Green for on my machine but the website is crammed with advertising from third-party sources. That may be the problem. Abine is blocking 8 tracking companies and AdBlock is blocking 18 advertisements, and the resource list still shows a whole load of material on the site - including javascript - that I would prefer not to allow through.

I would need to see screenshots of the (SiteAdvisor/Microsoft) warnings to take this any further.

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Level 7

Re: SiteAdvisor warnings


Having full confidence in your comments regarding have been, since..gingerly navigating-thru (my daily hometown newspaper). This very viewing was interrupted by a Huge Screen that read "This Site Is Unsafe For Your Computer-complete with large "X" pictured, et.c, etc. giving me an option to click GoBackToYourHomeScreen..which I promptly did.

Being that I didn't dwell long on such an ominous-looking screen..I didn't see WHO initiated it (my Google screen again showed all Green Checks).

MS Windows suggestion, maybe?


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