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I need help transfering program and account from old desktop to new desktop

I also need help transfering files and etc from old computer without transfering crap from old desktop

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Re: transfer

Just install McAfee from your online account on the new machine.  If you have any problems activating it because it thinks its already in use elsewhere contact Technical Support Chat via the McAfee Support link at top of this page, tell them that you no longer use your old machine and it's dead.

As far as transferring your personal stuff over, that's not covered in these forums but any of the many PC help forums would be able to assist you.   Unless you make sure that your old machine is infection-free there is always a chance that you might transfer an infection in the process.

Try some online scans at such places as Eset or Trend Micro's Housecall and PC Live or try them all just in case.

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