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tempory disable?

I'm not very good at these infernal machine anymore but I keep trying. I have a couple of adobe products that won't update and I'm being advised to disable my AV and firewall. How to shut of McAfee?

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Re: tempory disable?

Sometimes this has to be done, although I'm surprised you need to do it for Adobe. Make sure you're installing the updates direct from the Adobe site, though, not through any third-party site, or you may get unwanted applications from the site's download manager. And don't go for any Adobe updates that Facebook is asking you to install ...

To disable McAfee temporarily : this should be the same across different McAfee versions, please let us know if your version won't let you do it this way -

Open McAfee Security Center.

Switch off Firewall : click on Web & Email Protection. Click on the first item in the list, 'Firewall'. Click the 'Turn Off' button. You'll be shown a dropdown box with a selection of times to keep the firewall off - 15 or 30 minutes should be enough. At the end of that time the firewall comes back on, although you can manually switch it back on if you want.

Switch off real-time scanning : click on 'Virus and Spyware Protection'. Click on the second item in the list, 'Real Time Scanning'.. Then click on 'Turn Off'.You'll see the same selection of times to keep scanning off, and it will come back automatically.