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sysguard supposed antivirus warning

I had a warning come up purporting to be a windows warning saying that my computer was infected with a virus.  For a few brief seconds a site selling antivirus software appeared on screenm and then disappeared.  Investigation by a colleague suggests that this is a malicious virus that has bypassed Macafee and can be spotted by pressing control alt delete and looking for sysguard.exe in the processes.  I spotted the following xssvsysguard.exe in the processes and pressed end process and managed to get on the interenet.  Is there not a fix in Macafee for this?

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Level 12

Re: sysguard supposed antivirus warning

Well Pat, as you have mentioned sysguard.exe is a very ciritical rootkit, I would recommend you to contact our technical support CHAT team who can help you to fix this, use the link below to get in touch with them

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