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subscription active but asking for renewal help

OK so i have internet security 3 user licence from Mcafee set up as follows.

xp laptop

win7 lalptop

win 7 desktop

Installed xp laptop first followed by win7 laptop then desk top. afer xp install i activated the licence first before installing the other 2 how ever the xp laptop states 103 days unprotected despite being installed after removing the old version.

Logged into my account and found that i have another subscription and this is what mcafee is picking up for some reason.

what is the best resolution remove the old subs from the my account section ?

i will first remove and reinstall to se if that works but does anyone have any idea's ? forgot to mention that when i installed it asked if you wanted a new account or use exsisting i choose use exsisting.

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Re: subscription active but asking for renewal help

Hi agenttech47,

You rightly spotted that the installed products are picking up the expired subscription , this normally happens if you have renewed a newer package altogether than the one that you had earlier. As in your case, your account consists of two products : 1.) A single user subscription & 2.) 3 user subscription

So rather than uninstalling and reinstalling over again , please run the subscription repair tool from here  should settle things down. If you still encounter any issues, please contact our support technicians from here :


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