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strange buy/renew behaviour


I had a bit problem with the renewal of the Total Protection product.

First of all, I had disabled the auto renewal option, I don't like it, so I do it myself.

I had Total Protection for years and now I tried to increase my license numbers by one, as I want to buy an additional computer. But McAfee don't let me do this. If I starting the process in the webshop everything works well and I can add additional licences to the original 3. I can chose 4 or 5 computers. But if I log in to my account (as I already have one) it states, that it changes the number for me to assure that all of my computers are protected. OK. But when I increase the number I get this> "Sorry, you’ve selected to renew more licenses than you’ve previously purchased.". That's true, but I want to increase the number and there is option for do that on the page (and the additional price is showed as well). And it does not let me buy more, I always get the error message. The strangest is that not only the renew process, but the simple "buy" concludes the same. If I bought McAfee products once before I do not allowed to buy a new one?

Have you got any idea how to circumvent this bug?



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Re: strange buy/renew behaviour

Hi Donkey

None of the moderators of this forum have access to your McAfee account so they will tell you the same thing that I am going to tell you and that is that you will need to contact Customer Service and let them sort it out for you.

This gives you the consumer the opportunity to ask questions on what exactly you are purchasing. You can reach Customer Service at the top of this page under Useful Links.

Good Luck