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still no fix for extremly slow thunderbird?

I installed a completely new personal Computer (windows 7). All was well with Thunderbird (31.2.0) until I installed McAfee (12.8) Internet security. Then suddenly Thunderbird grows very slow. It does not help to inactivate McAfee Anti-spam. the only Action that helps is to delete McAfee completely. The Problem is old. When will there be a fix for it?

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Re: still no fix for extremly slow thunderbird?

The workaround is to disable (unselect) scanning of email attachments in Real time scanning settings. has nothing to do with AS .

that said Support is calling me up Saturday and getting another set of logs that cover more than they previously took from other users. Hopefully this will get movement.

Was fixed July 2013 I reported it had returned Last December but McAfee have not been able to repro it on their machines. I tested latest McAfee and Thunderbird today same issue.


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Re: still no fix for extremly slow thunderbird?

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