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"get-amazing-results" redirect virus

I have recently gotten the "get-amazing-results" redirect virus on my PC.

I found some instructions by searching on Google for manually removing the virus. The instructions say to remove some registry entries and some files that reference the virus. However, I did not find any of those items to remove from my machine. Yet I still am getting redirected to the get-amazing-results Web pages at times.

I found some other instructions for removing the virus by downloading some anti-malware software made by a company called Anvisoft.

However, I have never heard of Anvisoft and I read that they are a new company. How do I know that they are any safer than get-amazing-results!

Does anyone know if McAfee is working on adding this virus to their database?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: "get-amazing-results" redirect virus

Another browser hijacker, it would appear.

get-amazing-results-dot-com is now blacklisted by at least one of the watchdogs and has a 'Very Poor' WOT reputation (see

Avoid Anvisoft. I've looked at the website and several things there don't create a good impression. WOT site reviews show a familiar pattern of site plugging, never a good indicator of trustworthiness.

For sound advice on the most likely way to rid yourself of this search redirector, see the Microsoft Answers thread HERE. It's for a Vista user, but still contains the information you need.

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Re: "get-amazing-results" redirect virus

Thank you very much, Hayton!

I think the removal instructions from the Microsoft Answers forum worked!

I followed the instructions from the Microsoft forum:

  • I booted into safe mode with networking
  • Ran rkill. Rkill didn't find any running malware processes.
  • Then I installed malwarebytes; I did get an error during the install, but it seems like it worked anyway. Malwarebytes found and removed 3 items related to Trojan.RedirRdll3.Gen

Trojan.RedirRdll3.Gen virus looks very worrying. I guess I'm going to have to change all my passwords everywhere. I'm thinking to re-install my whole machine too.

Thank you very much for your help removing the virus!

I do wonder why McAfee virusscan does not find this virus. I searched McAfee's Website for Get-amazing-results and they do not even show any results for it.

If the virus is documented in the Microsoft forum and other forums, why does McAfee not have any information on it?

What good is running antivirus if it doesn't find your virus!

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