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"Your computer is at risk" popup

How do I get rid of the "Your computer is at risk" popup? it shows up all the time and it's annoying.

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Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

Without any details it's impossible to say why it's happening except it usually indicates that part of the protection is either off or out of date.

What's your operating system and service pack and are you up to date with ALL updates?

What version of McAfee is installed - 2009 (square taskbar icon) or 2010/11 - (shield icon)?

What McAfee components are installed - open SecurityCenter and go to About (2009) or to Navigate - About (2010/11) - version numbers and in the case of VirusScan DAT number please?

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Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

It says "Your Computer is at Risk" Please check your status so you can address any security issues to keep your PC protected. To stay protected, make sure Real-time scanning and firewall are on, and that your subscription is active and up to date.

I want them disabled, I just want to occasionally manually scan for viruses. How do I stop the pop ups?

(im using the latest and updated version of security center)

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Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

Well those sort of warnings occcur only if firewall or antivirus are turned off, are they?

It shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not a scan is scheduled or not.  I haven't scheduled a scan in years and have never seen those alerts.

Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup


      I would like to know some information before we proceed further.

      Type of your Operating system with service pack details (Ex :windows Xp,Windows Vista ,Windows 7).

      What is Name of the package (EX : Total Protection,virus scan ....etc).

      Have you done any hardware changes most recently.

      Are you getting any strange advertisement alert (EX : Virus popup).

      Have you tried running MVT if not click her and run

      Once you done with MVT  get the session ID and Reboot the computer.

      Check the status of  McAfee if the problem exit than post the MVT session ID in this blog we will validate the data and update you.

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Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

Why would you want the firewall to be off? Are you placing all your protection on a hardware firewall? You can stop the message in Navigation general settings there is a no protection alert option for firewall not loaded. As far as I know there is no way to stop the warning re real time protection.

Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

I have a problem with a program called System Tool that has taken over and firewall was down so it wont let me start new 2011 version of mcafee.

any sugestions.


Re: "Your computer is at risk" popup

Hi Clint!

I suggest you should read this thread here, and sign up on their forum.

They are experts in removing malware.

Good Luck!