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"Script" pop up *HELP*

so I've recently been getting this popup script that mostly comes out when im on Facebook. i dont know what it is or how to fix this,does anyone know what this is or how to fix this or if it might be a virus?

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Sorry about that, but that sort of link bypasses SiteAdvisor checking and is inherently unsafe.

All I saw in the page source code was "*bcs".  Hayton

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Re: "Script" pop up *HELP*


I was unable to get the Exact information from the previous post, it would be more useful if you attach a screen snap of the Error message so that we can proceed with the issue to get it fixed.


Karthik Shankar

McAfee Community Moderator

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Re: "Script" pop up *HELP*

This is a poor screen shot.

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Re: "Script" pop up *HELP*

Sorry for the late response, just noticed this was unanswered.

Must simply be corrupted as it certainly shouldn't be doing that,  I would unintall via Control Panel, then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of the page, reboot and reinstall from your online account.

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