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"Product not supported"


I bought a new ACER Aspire in September, and it crashed in December - they had sold me a computer with a defective hard-drive and broken CD player.  I got them to replace the parts under warranty, but now I have it back McAfee keeps popping up and it says that my product is not supported.  Does this mean I have been give out of date parts or counterfeit software?  What should I do?

Thanks guys


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Re: "Product not supported"

Hi Roger,

Could you please let us know if you get this error while reinstalling McAfee or while opening McAfee security center. . . . If possible please provide us with a screen shot of the error for more clarity along with the below details ;

What operating system ?

McAfee installed through a cd or from Online ?


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Re: "Product not supported"

Wait, if they have changed Your hdd means they have changed You os and software, if You had Mcafee before that with license key it would be lost.