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"Computer not fully protected" - Parental Controls shuts down

Well, now it's *my* turn to experience this problem, and "Fix It" isn't fixing it.


ERROR MESSAGE: "PARENTAL CONTROLS shut down unexpectedly and is now disabled".

Upon powering up the new Dell 8100 computer this AM, I had a YELLOW EXCLAMATION over the McAfee system tray icon and a popup about protection status.

Upon opening the GUI, I was greeted by the YELLOW exclamation and the error message shown above.

Clicking"Fix It" fixes the problem for only a second, and then it reverts back to the same error.

Since I do not use Parental Controls (I am the only user), I opted to tell MSC to "ignore" the error. So, now the GUI says "I am Protected", but that Parental Controls "NEEDS ATTENTION" (see screenshot attached).

However, that is not really a solution, nor does it explain WHY parental controls would have "shut down unexpectedly and is now disabled".


Details are in my signature below -- this is the Dell 8100, not the Dell XPS 420 (but I haven't turned on this other computer today to see if I am having the same problem on that system).

My McAfee versions are the fully updated OEM "2009" versions, since I have not yet received the 2010 updates.

SC: 9.15.175; VS: 13.15.116 (DAT 5930, 3/24/10, Engine 5301.4018); PF: 10.15.106; AS 10.15.106; and PARENTAL CONTROLS: 11.15, Build 11.15.102, AffID 105-226, Lang: En-US; Lang Pack 11.15.101, Last Update 2/24/2010.

I have MBAM Pro 1.44, SuperAntispyware Free 4.34.1, and WinPatrol 17 installed.  NONE of these has been a problem either on this system or on my Vista Ult SP2 (32) system that also runs McAfee.  So, this is NOT  the problem.

IE8, Windows7 and all my applications are fully up-to-date and fully-patched, and there is no infection on the system, according to scans with McAfee, MBAM and SAS.

Please advise.

Thank you,


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