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"Computer at Risk!" (but everything seems fine)

I just joined "the community" because I have a question about Internet Security 2011 that I can't seem to find the answer to. I am not very adept at navigating my way around web sites. I searched McAfee hoping that there was some way that I could post a question and receive a response but I was unsuccessful. Perhaps I won't have any better success here.

My problem is that a couple of days ago a McAfee alert popped up telling me that my computer is at risk. My subscription is active so that is fine. The only way I can get the alert to disappear is to manually run Update but when I do this nothing updates as everything is up to date. I tried the Virtual Technician and after it finished doing whatever it does it told me that everything was just fine. So, what's with the alert? This happens every time that I wake up my computer. Any ideas?



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Re: "Computer at Risk!" (but everything seems fine)

Ed, it seems like you have McAfee update problem and need to be diagnose. It will be good if you contact Technical Support beclick on below link.