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problem with downloading mcafee to 2nd computer

when i try to download mcafeee to 2nd computer a popup comes up saying the downloadable file is infected and won't let me download, what do i do? how do i download and install it to my computer?

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Re: problem with downloading mcafee to 2nd computer

Your computer you are trying to download McAfee on may already has a virus on it and the message you are receiving from it is a fake alert as virus have a tendency to protect themselves.

McAfee has a link dealing with this

You could also try running and both programs are free and catches a lot of stuff. You may need to rename the download file and also the installation folder to something you can easily remember. You might also need to do this on a usb stick from a non infected computer. After you get them installed check for the latest updates and run the scan. Let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer. Then do the same for the other program.

Let us know this works for you.