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proble with home page

Aloha... My mcAfee home page is distorted and after the last scan, the x is missing to close the window. Any help?

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Re: proble with home page

The SecurityCenter relies on an up-to-date system, especially Internet Explorer,  Can you tell me what operating system, service pack, if applicable and what version of IE is installed?

You don't have to use IE as your default browser, just have it updated and set to its default settings.

Re: proble with home page

Thanks for replying. I have windows XP service pack 3, IE6. all updates installed. Have McAfee free version which came with Road Runner, Firefox default browser. Can I reinstall free virsion of McAfee to correct home page problem?

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Re: proble with home page

Please install IE8.   The SecurityCenter is an IE page and relies on it being up to date.  Also please ensure that other Microsoft Updates are all installed before the XP end-of-life on 8 April.

See if that helps.

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Re: proble with home page

By the way, IE doesn't have to be your default browser, as I said, merely up to date, OK?

Re: proble with home page

I tried to install IE8 but received the message that i didn't have enough space for it. Can I reinstall McAfee to correct the home page problem? Thanks.

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Re: proble with home page

You could try.

Uninstall via Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

Reinstall from your online account, not from any CD you may have.

That "not enough room" is worrying.  How much hard drive free space is there?

Have you done a Disk Cleanup and cleaned out your temporary files?

Disk Cleanup:

1.  From the Start button menu, choose All Programs→Accessories→System Tools→Disk Cleanup.

2.  In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, click the More Options tab.

    The Disk Cleanup dialog box’s More Options tab lists additional items worthy of cleanup. Three buttons are labeled Clean Up, which take you to various other locations in Windows:

        Windows Components: Clicking the Clean Up button opens the Windows Components Wizard window, where you can remove (or add) various pieces of Windows. You can also display the Windows Components Wizard by opening the Add/Remove Programs icon and clicking the button Add/Remove Windows Components on the left side of that window.

        Installed Programs: Clicking the Clean Up button opens the Add/Remove Programs window, which can also be opened from the Control Panel.

        System Restore: Clicking the Clean Up button by this option displays a Yes/No dialog box. Click the Yes button to remove all but the most recent restore point, which is a safe move.

3.  Click the Disk Cleanup tab.

4.  Place check marks by all items you want to remove.

    You can select an item beforehand to read its description. There’s nothing in there to be concerned about; the Disk Cleanup program doesn’t present you with options that would damage your computer or its performance — at least not on the Disk Cleanup tab.

5.  Click the OK button.

    A Yes/No dialog box appears.

6.  Click the Yes button to begin the cleanup process.

    Windows removes the files you specified. When it’s finished, the window goes away. You’re done.

Delete Temporary Files (that weren't deleted by the previous operation).

Click Start and select Run

Type in the run box temp and hit the Enter button or click OK

The temp folder opens.  Click Edit and then Select All to highlight all

Then click your Shift and Delete keys together

A prompt will ask if you want to proceed, delete all.

Some wont go and you can skip those when the prompt sappears.

Repeat the same exercise but this time typing in %temp&

This should free up some space. 

Another way of freeing up space would be to delete all System Restore points except the last one.

To do this:-

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Click Disc Cleanup

Now launch this utility and click More Options tab. Under which click System Restore and followed by that click Clean Up tab a message will popup -Are you sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore point?Click Yes then OK. Finally another message will  popup-Are you sure you want to perform these actions?Click Yes.

Now, all the System Restore points except the most recent one are cleaned. As a result there will be more free space in hard disk.

Now try to install IE8.  It's vital you do this for your own security even if you never use IE.

By the way, Technical Support is free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page..


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Re: proble with home page

If there's an acute shortage of disk space then it would be extremely advisable to uninstall any old programs not needed. I would suggest a disk defrag but Window needs a certain percentage of the disk to be free space before you can defrag. Perhaps running CCleaner is also a good idea : that program has an option for removing all the Microsoft "Hotfix Uninstallers" which, when I investigated about a year ago on my XP machine, were taking up about a gigabyte of disk space.