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please assist me with downloading issue?

Hi.  I'm a non-technical person, trying to download McAfee anti-virus software which comes free with my Bell phone/net package, and at the final stage (i think it is the final stage anyway) where it is checking for incompatable software on my Dell desktop it just won't finish.  Previously i got an error message that included the term "file vsapi.inf" and "copy error."  I hit retry and several hours later no error message, but it just won't finish.  Any suggestions?  This is the 3rd time i tried installing.

I've been going without virus protection now for a couple of weeks, wondering if i should give up.

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Re: please assist me with downloading issue?

before you call support try a clean install.

ie check in add/remove programs or its Programs and features equivalent and see if Mcafee total protection is present. If it or another Mcafee product is present remove it reboot and run the mpcr removal tool reboot and run the tool below

and reinstall from your account

the mcpr tool is found here

If this does not help call technical supposrt and see what they can see causing the issue.

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