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network problem

Hi there. i'm not sure if this is the area to post this, but...

since i installed McAfee i cannot connect to any of the other computers in the network i have a  home.  I can access the internet with no problems.

But, when I open the McAfee Security Centre and select Manage Network, I can see the other computer that are connected, but I cannot get into them

I click on the icon, and the Security Centre says that the computer hasn't been invited to join this managed network.

I click on the 'Manage this computer' link and say OK to allow administrative access. It starts to invite the computer and i get a red text saying that it also needs McAfee installed.

What can I do to get around this?? I want to access files on the other computers. Do I delete McAfee?  How do I tell McAfee NOT to manage my network, but only protect THIS computer.

Please help..

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Re: network problem

moving this to the home user area....


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