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need help?

So I recently bought an HP Pavilion, and it came with a McAfee 30 day trial, now, recently, there was a little popup in the bottom right corner of my screen, saying my free trail was almost over and that 260 threats had been made and it asked if I wanted to extend protection or accept risk, Since i'm not buying it, i said "accept risk" now keep in mind in the bottom left it said "Recommended by HP" so i don't know if that makes it real or not, but anyway, i checked my McAfee trail and it said I still had 18 days left, this popup did not appear on a web browser or anything, it appeared on the desktop itself, was this a scam? Should I have pressed "Accept risk"?

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Re: need help?

Hello @quynhquynh207,

It seems to be a pop up from McAfee application installed on your machine. I understand that your trial subscription must have expired by now. 

Please let us know if you are still facing the issue and if you have purchased the subscription.



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