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my laptop running mcafee was dropped from network after updates last week

My laptop is running McAfee AntiVirusPlus. For the last 3 years I have had a wireless network that includes only 2 computers (a laptop and desk top). The desktop is running Kapersky. Up until an update from McAfee last week, the laptop was able to communicate with the desktop and printer with no problems. Now, the laptop cannot see the printer or files from the desktop. Any ideas? I have tried disabling the firewall, adding the network to the trusted list, setting up the nework again, and I haven't gotten anywhere. The desktop shows under the My Network tab in McAfee but says since it does not have mcafee installed I can no longer see it. There are valid reasons for using different virus software on a network. Do I need to just uninstall McAfee and try another virus software or is there a work around?

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Re: my laptop running mcafee was dropped from network after updates last week

What was the version of mcafee previously installed? What is the current version?

Asking as 2011  has a firewall feature called netguard check if disabling it helps.

That said having another Av should not affect things if what I suggest does not work I can ask in our nexy=t moderator call.

Ok also  run MVT from the tech support links in useful links tab above. nore session id number then contact support it is free. ask them. they will most likely ask you to uninstall reinstall Mcafee as the update could have corrupted the install.

reboot and run

Reinstall mcafee from your account