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Re: more questions

Mate Dinz will help you if you are not contacted when agreed PM me and I will chase them up.

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Re: more questions

Hey Peacekeeper,If you can find whoever it is that helps customers and understands them.That would be great. I have left the information with Tromine.Then i left the information with the phone # provided through an E-mail from Dinz.I am not at all surprised but as usual Mcafee has dropped the ball.I have had these problems for over a month as you can see here when it started 4/21?For a company to take peoples money and make huge mistakes is a problem in it self.But then you don`t have the business sense to even give a crap about the custumers that you have.Just take their money! Who cares we are a big company what`s 1 person going to do.Like the old saying "There`s a sucker born every minute" I guess i`m the sucker.The sucker with the 3 year subsciption to Mcafee.Anyone that is reading this do yourself a favor & never commit yourself to a company (especially when getting a so called deal,for added years) to have their product.I have seen & heard alot of things on Mcafee lately.most of them are not very positive.It`s a shame that i have to go through all this junk to get help for a paid product.My new computer is not running very new any more and i am sure if i ever recieve any help from Mcafee it will be my fault.The saddest part is i won`t even use my computer out of fear that it will be infected.Which i am not sure it already is not.I shut it down every day unless of coarse i am here trying to get help.  here is the original post i believe.                                                                              Any help would be great

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thanks Jack

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