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mcsvhost.exe - what is it - what does it do ??

Ive been reading the discussions on CPU usage and sadly I am in the same boat. This issue is far from fixed. How can this continue ?? can someone please explain what this mcsvhost.exe is. I am assuming it is "the heart" of the mcafee virus scan product and needs to run in order to protect the computer. If that is so then it really cannot be "killed" to help the CPU issue if you still want protection. So can someone please explain what it really is and what it does. I think too that there has got to be a fix for this somewhere - if there was not the likes of AOL/DELL/AT&T etc etc who incorporate this product with there systems/services would drop McAfee. Someone somewhere has to have a solution to this issue.

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Re: mcsvhost.exe - what is it - what does it do ??

This is like Windows svchost in that it "hosts" or loads McAfee binaries into a single process running under the SYSTEM user so that privileged operations can be performed on the OS like firewall protection, spam protection, network monitoring, etc.

You can control individual service modules through the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) (run services.msc). You could attempt to disable various McAfee services until you find the one that is causing the problem for you. If you do find out more information, please post back. You could also post back with more information on your configuration (OS, McAfee software version, hardware platform, network configuration, connected PCs/devices, etc.) so we can help you further.

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