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mcafee full scan finds no issues- scan log shows trojan found

as stated full scan shows no threats found however when viewing log it shows 1 trojan and 2 potentially unwanted programs. I am un able to open gmail with firefox or flashes inbox and then goes back out to "loading gmail" forever... Can only access with ie 8.....also keep getting cyberlink clmedialibrarydll app crash.......have run uniblue registry booster / cleaner but did not one point the details in log said Artemis!xxxxx was found but could not be fixed...I searched for fixes and that is how i wound up with the uniblue reg cleaner.....Can anyone shed light???....If I am paying for Mcafee and it cant pick up spyware / adware, should I switch to Norton?...It is offered free with my isp act- full version...I just have not been a norton fan.. Isp used to offer Mcafee for free and it was great but they swithched to norton,...i remained loyal and bought 3 license package to mcafee and have had problems ever since...even customer service is not as good any more...please help/...being pointed in many directions...most of which i have tried to to success....thank you in advance!!

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Re: mcafee full scan finds no issues- scan log shows trojan found

This link from McAfee will assist you with any virus or malware issues you may have. Please be sure to follow the recommendations in the link and run the McAfee Stinger scan which is included in the link.

No antivirus software from any software vendor can guarantee 100 percent that one would never contract virus or malware but I can just imagine what issues you may have had in the past if you didnt have any protection in the first place.

Have you tried to run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links in the Techical Support Link? MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and if it finds any it will attempt to resolve them. You could also chat with Tech Support after MVT is finished running for further help.

Are you up to date with all Windows updates and IE8 ? It is very important to keep updated so to prevent issues from occurring, but sometimes they occur anyway. I do not recommend any use of registry booster or registry cleaner programs as they often do more harm than good.

Your scan log that informs you that a trojan was found should have told you what the trojan was and when it found it and has quarantined in from infecting your computer.

I hope some of this information is helpful to you

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