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issues with windows 7 x64

im trying to install mcaffe on hp g75 notebook windows 7 x64. i went to mcaffe chat and they could not help. it was done once before with lots of updates but chat could not do it.

can anyone help install mcaffe on my laptop? my internet is slow in afghan but fast enough for chat and everything else.


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Re: issues with windows 7 x64

What is the problem IE how far does it go and what happens ? Do you get an error?

How fast is the connection?

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Re: issues with windows 7 x64

Hi califabricator,

Sorry you are having problems over there in Afghanistan but the only way to install this software is over the internet unless you bought the CD version and even then an internet connection is required to activate/register it. 

I know it's a pain in the you-know-what on a slow connection, but that's the way it is unfortunately.

First a few questions. 

Is this Win 7 SP1 or not (right-click 'Computer' and go to Properties) and is Windows totally up to date otherwise?

What previous security software of any kind do you or did you have and did you remove it completely first?

What version of Internet Explorer is installed (Help > About)?

Have you experienced abnormal behaviour up until now, like strange popups etc?

Is your system clock accurate both time and timezone-wise?

Run the McAfee Virtual Technician first to check for problems:


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