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Level 7

issue with mcafee instalation

hi everyone

i have downloaded the bankofamerica 1 year free mcafee account

while i run the setup program its just getting struck and

showing the busy symbol as it was installing

i have removed my prevoius versions also.

please help me with this regard

its dell studio

os: windows 7 with i5 processor

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Level 14

Re: issue with mcafee instalation

Hi gnr1254,

Lets try this again Go to Add/remove programs and uninstall and reboot the computer. Go to Useful Links at the tiop of this page and run the MCPR rremoval tool to clean out any remaining traces of McAfee that might still remain and reboot again. Run the preinstall tool found in the link.

Reboot again and then download and install your software

Let us know how this works for you and good luck

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Level 7

Re: issue with mcafee instalation


thanks for the reply

i have done all those steps twice

but i m facing the same problem

even after one hour its just going on running but the software is not installing

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Level 16

Re: issue with mcafee instalation

Hi ,

May I know how is the computer connected to internet ? (dsl/cable/wireless)
Please provide me with a screen shot of the installation screen

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Level 7

Re: issue with mcafee instalation

my laptop is connected with wireless network

i have cleared all the cookies,previous instalations and then

i have downloaded the mcafee

but its not installing properly and

just showing as it is running in the background


but its not yet finishing instalation

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Level 12

Re: issue with mcafee instalation

In addition to the above, you shall also try the following:

1. Make sure there are no other security programs installed in your computer - If yes, uninstall it

2. Check for Windows Update and install all the important updates

Reboot the computer and re-try the installation....

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Level 7

Re: issue with mcafee instalation

The issue is with the temporary Internet files, Open Internet properties window and select Delete button, make sure that you uncheck the option "Preserve Favorites website date" and then select Delete button. Once the files are removed select Ok and close the Internet Properties window. Then try to install McAfee from website account.

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