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how to make it go away

I uninstalled my out of date mcafee product. purchased new (different) mcafee product. Installed. now mcafee shows "at risk" because my old product is out of date and needs to be renewed. I figure this is really because the old product is still showing on my account page and mcafee sees that its expired. How do I make it go away. I would ask live chat, but they r a joke. Apparently from a different country and the translation doesn't work well!

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Re: how to make it go away


Please check whether the computer's date and time is set right !

Also let us know whether you have run the mcafee virtual technician to let it fix the issue, if not please run it from and post me with the session id.

What is your computer's operating system ?

How is the computer connected to internet ? (dsl/wireless)


Dinesh K

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