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how to disable mcafee?

Hi I have just upgraded to Vista from XP.

I have re-installed Mcafee as its free from my ISP so why not.......

Anyway I can see no option to disable Mcafee in its own options and trying to end its process via the task manager does not work.

This is a shame because obviously no single anti virus or internet security programme can remove ALL viruses and/or trojans from your computer. In this day and age it is absolutely necessary to use 'various' security programmes.

For example.....many viruses that Norton can find can not be found by Mcafee!!!! I always find that different security and firewall programms remove different viruses and malware.

Norton removes some trojans and viruses that Mcaffee alone can not find via scans and vice versa!!!!!

It seema very silly to me for them not to provide a disable option so we can use other anti-virus protection programms without un-installing Mcaffee.

Are my comments useless or is there a way to temporarily disable Mcafee without uninstalling it?



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Re: how to disable mcafee?

You can disable McAfee VirusScan easily enough.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Virus and Spyware Protection

Click Real-Time Scanning

Click Turn off and tell it for how long.

No antivirus is 100% guaranteed but never, ever install more than 1 on your machine or you may just open the door to infection because they will clash with each other.

Instead use a good anti-malware tool such as Malwarebytes or similar...I mentioned a few halfway down this page under the title '3rd Party Tools':

Ask any independent security forum and as I was a Microsoft MVP in Security Awareness for a while I should know. 

Rule of thumb:  Have only 1 each of antivirus and software firewall installed.  Extra anti-mal/spyware tools and a hardware firewall as in those found in routers are fine.  But research software clashes, some are good, some are terrible.

The best defense is to avoid risky websites, downloads and file sharing and to keep Windows and all your software totally up to date.

People will often, for example, not update Internet Explorer, ever, as they use Firefox or another brand...big mistake.  There's a security hole right there, whether or not you use it, as some applications do use it, McAfee included.

I trust that this is Vista SP2?  If not it is unsupported so make sure you bring it up to date.   Disabling antivirus during a service pack installation is a good idea.


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