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how to disable ad blocker

i recently bought a new laptop and used the same Microsoft account on it so i automatically got mcafee on it, all good. However, i unable to access certain sites now on both my old and new laptop and its saying that i need to disable my adblocking software. How on earth do i do this!?!?!

PS i do not wish to state the website

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Re: how to disable ad blocker

Ad-blocking is a function of your browser usually so look in the browser settings.

Try another browser to see if you get the same results.

What browser are you using?   Also what McAfee software do you have installed (name and version if possible)?

Re: how to disable ad blocker

There are many ways you can disable ur dblocker. i was also facing same kind of problem. then i found out about  adzsafe. It works as an anti adblocker in all browsers. It surprisingly disables adblocker in any browser that has adblocker installed and supports my ads to load safely. I started profiting revenues instantly. I would suggest you to use Adzsafe.