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home network share issues with home networking feature

I have a Windows XP machine running Mcafee Total protection, after a  recent update a new feature called 'my home network' was installed and  since then other devices cannot get to my PC sharing points. After much  research I found that Mcaffe has decided that they will only trust other  machines that run mcafee and that you cannot trust another device  unless it does run mcafee.

I must be missing something because  that just cant be possible, I have a networked HP scanner that pushes  docs to this PC, a work laptop, ect.. devices that just need to get to  the PC and they just cant run mcafee.

I have looked and looked,  there has to be a way in home network where you can see a device, right  click and say trust this even when it does not run mcafee.

I  have uninstalled mcafee and everything works again, i tried  re-installing without home network defense (it does not give you an  option not to install). After the install it blocks access again. At this  point in order to get work done I have removed mcafee and all is fine  again except that i would like to put mcafee back on without 'my home  netwok' OR find a way to trust devices from within it.



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Re: home network share issues with home networking feature

Hi Matt,

Have you tried to add the IP Addresses of your scanning devices & computers to Firewall, if not please try to add them in Home Network and let us know the outcome


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