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had error running mvt dat out of date

  • i have run mcafee  vtechnician several times and it says DAT out of date.   I have uninstalled mcafee antivirus plus edition and reinstalled.  I still get same error now my windows xp will not work.  I get a black screen saying with white lettering saying windows did not start successfly.  A recent  hardware or so  ftware change  might have caused this.  Windows XP does not start and also the cd has a green light that flashes.  It says start windows normally or use micrsoft recovery console. When i try to start windows normal it tries to start but then stops. AlsoMcafee error Ts101109 comes up when I ask for more detail.   HELP
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Re: had error running mvt dat out of date

When you uninstalled did you use this method?

reboot and run xe

Reinstall mcafee.

What version of Mcafee security centre were you installing 11.6 or 12.1 or 12.8?

With all the uninstalling something might have got messed up. Have you tried a restore point before all this happened?

Then call support and see what they can do.

Re: had error running mvt dat out of date

I uninstalled mcafee virus edition through add and remove programs.  Did not know to run the mcpr program after that.  I will uninstall the mcafee program again and reinstall it .  Thanks for the information.  I am on my laptop now because somerhing went wrong with my desktop windows xp now.  It will not load.  thanks again