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folder-file exclusions/exceptions, memory detections, scantime/runtime

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a fewquestions regarding McAfee antivirus. I have already browsed through knowledgebases but could not find the answer and here I am writing this letter.

1. Will addingfolder exclusion/exception scan the processes that are launched from thatfolder? I am asking if the exclusions/exceptions work only on scantime or alsoruntime?

2. Will addingfolder exclusion/exception prevent a memory detection that has been caused by aprocess running from that folder?



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Re: folder-file exclusions/exceptions, memory detections, scantime/runtime

It's early days yet on the subject of exclusions.  People who obtain SecurityCenter v13.6+ will start to see exclusions in the realtime scanning settings.   At the moment all we Moderators have observed is how it behaves in the beta software and at the moment it doesn't work or to be more correct it hasn't been turned on yet.

Also you can only exclude 1 file from being scanned at a time, as far as we can see, not entire processes.

It's a bit early yet for us to offer suggestions on it I'm afraid and Technical Support wont be able to elaborate on that for a while yet I suspect.

File exclusions used to be a feature of the software many years ago (VirusScan v7.0 was the last if I recall correctly) and I can't remember how extensive exclusions could be taken back then.

Why it was removed I don't know but can only assume that too many people were ignoring obviously infected files.    This wont be allowed in the upcoming feature, or so I believe.

For now it is a new feature that will appear soon and obviously will have to be worked on as it develops.


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