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facebook subscription

Hi. Since ianuary 2010 I have instaled a 6 free months facebook subscription. Today, when I verified my account, I was surprise to see that I have 2 active licences in use and I have exceeded my licence limit. I have  instaled mcafee product only to one computer not two. Since ianuary  I have instaled mcafee internet security 2009 from that free subscription two or three times, because i reinstaled my OS(Vista) ,but on the same computer. If I will purchase two or three licences in the future( July 2010) It may be a problem? By the way in my account it apear that those two active licences are instaled on the same computer (my computer). How it is possible?  In my acoount apeear that i have to  purchase 1 additional licence to protect all my computers or to remove my mcafee software from one computer to comply with the terms of my licence agreement. Thank you.

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Re: facebook subscription


Please contact customer service from here, they will be able to help you with your subscription details and provide more information on the same.

Dinesh K

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