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Well obviously you can tell im new, but ive put as an intruder but unsure if it is as I dont know what the hell it means, can anyone enlighten me..

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Re: errrrm

You don't say where that is but I'm assuming it's appearing in 'My Home Network'?

It could be a router, a wireless printer or similar, or even another computer in your vicinity.  If you don't use the network you needn't worry about such things as all you need to do is click on your router or internet connection in the list there and select 'Don'r Trust Network'.

An explanation of it all can be found if you click Help at top right, then Help again and look for 'McAfee My Home Network' in the list.   The various sub-sections have lots of details.

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Re: errrrm

Ex_Brit probably checked this IP as well, but when I looked it up it came back as an invalid IP. It looks like the kind of address that gets allocated to something on your local network.