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email images not showing

After installing 3-User McAfee Total Protection one of the 3 computers no longer shows email images in either Outlook or Outlook Express. Can't find the setting that will allow images in emails to show. Image place holders are shown, but no actual images. 2 computers work fine...

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Re: email images not showing


Sorry for the delayed response, do you still face issue with McAfee and outlook email images? If yes, clarify

  • Do you have any other security software installed in the computer?
  • What is the version of Outlook/outlook express you run with?
  • What is the Operating system you use in the computer (XP\Vista\Windows7?)

  • Provide us the version of McAfee installed in the computer (Open McAfee security center ->Click on about -> note the Build version of McAfee product installed)

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Re: email images not showing

If you are still facing the same issue, check whether you have McAfee Site Advisor installed - If yes then uninstall it and check the status of your emails and update us

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