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constant restart prompts

can someone tell me why I am prompted to restart constantly?  within minutes of a restart?  this happens on both of my computers.  there is no way updates come through that often.

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Level 18

Re: constant restart prompts

Can you take a screenshot next time it happens and include it in a reply so we can see it? You don't make clear what it is that's prompting you.

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Level 20

Re: constant restart prompts

A thought if it is Mcafee saying an update came in and is asking for a restart maybe this thread might help.

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Level 16

Re: constant restart prompts

hello ther,

Could you please provide us the below information;

What is the operating system of the computer ?
What Service pack ?

Check if your computer has all the important windows updates installed ? - If not Open Internet explorer - Click Tools  - click on Windows Updates

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