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compatibility issue with site adviser

to the makers of mcafee site adviser i have installed the newest version of firefox aurora as you probably know however most of it addons are not compatible with the exception of site adviser to make all 57 of my addons compatible however i changed nightly .checkcompatibility in about:config from false to true and added  check compatibility 1.3  this has made all 57 addons work with the exception of site adviser if you could correct this problem  with either a update or about:config hack I would appreciate it greatly

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Re: compatibility issue with site adviser

Hi arthurz1,

Kindly let us know the below information

Version of McAfee site advisor :

What incompatibility is experienced with your add on

Name some of the add on that has the issue.

A screen shot of the error/ Incompatibility.


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Level 18

Re: compatibility issue with site adviser

Dinz, Firefox Aurora is the pre-release Beta version of Firefox. Currently Aurora is on version 10. SiteAdvisor may not be compatible with Aurora 10 at this stage but the SiteAdvisor team will be aware of any pending changes that will need to be made.

If arthurz1 is looking for an "about:config hack" he should be posting to the appropriate Mozilla forum to ask for assistance.

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