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cant get rid of yahoo adress bar search

Since I installed McAfee and chose the Site Advisor option, I have found that my searches are being re-directed to Yahoo!. I don't want this...

I use search into my address bar all the time and dont want to use yahoo. I have removed it from internet options yet it still uses yahoo.

Does anyone know how to disable it?

I have clicked on the arrow in the bottom right corner or the browser, clicked options, unticked the "Enable Secure Search in my browser box" and still nothing. There is a button next to "Make secure search my browser's default search engine" that simply says 'Yes'. But when you press it nothing happens, it doesn't change. I have tried restarting the browser.

How can I get rid of Yahoo, I can't stand it.

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Re: cant get rid of yahoo adress bar search

I said yes and saved restarted  firefox and still on google.  try changing to google in the search bar. My SA is on Maybe they changed the secure search to use default you choose.

I will ask around as well

Ok secure search does not activate on my pc maybe as I am on a beta Mcafee version. On my wife's PC to the left of the secure search bar is a Mcafee shield and next to it is a arrow. Click on the arrow and choose google . does that work?

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