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cannot install Optomize 3 program help

.I have been using McAfee for years, I have total package- recently I have been unable to install Optomize 3 from Pitstop, they tell me my McAfee is blocking the install- They suggested I un install my McAfee and then try to install their program. I really do not want to do this, I have enabled your firewall, given permission , I have even turned it off during install and it tells me Active x components required by the program cannot be loaded or updated.They make mention of firewall blocking, I took care of that. I have been running this software from them for years. I am using xp, IE 7, on a Laptop from Dell. Dell has checked me, cannot see the problem, any ideas, I know I can live without the program, however, my active x works fine when I need it- perhaps I need to turn off a certain security or script in the security panel, or add something? Ant advice I will welcome. Thank you-

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Re: cannot install Optomize 3 program help

That's XP SP3 I hope?   You also should be using IE8 for safety reasons.

Registry optimizers and cleaners are bad news I'm afraid and you'll never get another verdict out of me.  They do more harm than good, believe me, I speak from years of experience.

That said you can temporarily disable VirusScan or even the Firewall to enable the installation.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

Click Configure (left)

Click Computer & Files (top left)

Disable VirusScan in the right-hand module and tell it for how long

To disable the Firewall after clicking Configure

Click Internet & Network (top left)

Continue as above.

Re: cannot install Optomize 3 program help

Thank you for the quick response, yes I am running sp3- no to IE8, I have been afraid to install  from advice of others- It still did not install so I am going to leave it alone.Do you not like any registry software? What about Registry Cleaner? Have you ever run any of the tests from PC pitstop? How good are they?

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Re: cannot install Optomize 3 program help

I've run a few tests at PC Pitstop, they are OK but I wouldn't use any registry cleaner, optimizer or whatever.  OK they clean out the garbage, but eventually they clean out essential files.

IE8 is good, don't believe everything people say to you about Microsoft...they love knocking it.